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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wild Waters

Poetry is an evil thing
because it lays so flat
that wild waters can over
top it to flood the town
where I grew up until no
church spire or cement
Yankee statue standing on
a column can break the water’s

I SCUBA down and follow
a fish that looks like Nixon
into a covered bridge that
long ago burnt down.
Inside a cartoon bubble I read,
“Your President is not a crook!”
Maybe not, but poetry is an
evil thing because it lays so flat
that wild waters can over top it
. . . with ease.

FG  January 21, 2014

My lame commentary.  There are two steam shovels clearing the overgrown sides of our canal here in Chong Khae in anticipation of another flood.  This makes me antsy just thinking of the floods of 2011 (as if Thailand doesn’t have enough problems).

If poetry is an evil thing it’s because we’ve made it so by neglecting it and by demanding that it put on odd, ill-fitting clothes of the rhyme and sensibilities of long dead ages.

Poetry was once full of exalted language that rose and soared, but now that bird dog will not fly. Poetry lays flat.

I love to see old pictures of Goffstown, but I feel ill at ease in romanticizing it or my short time there.  The years, at any rate, have brought so much static between me and the town that I can no longer hack my way back though to the place.  


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