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Sunday, November 30, 2014

There Is A Gate

There is a gate which holds strangers out
and lets family in.
There is a gate which holds the past at bay
and lets the future in.
There is a gate thrown wide open for love
and closed for hate.
Doors and gates, mirrors and windows
that are open by day close by night and
wrench our dreams from our homeland.
I demand, not a mug, but a proper beer
glass.  I spent a decade in Saudi and
this afternoon the foam left on the inside of
my glass looks like Arabic script I cannot read.

FG  11/30/2014

My Thai wife worked on a road paving crew in her early teens.  Later, she worked for Minibee, a Thai forerunner of Foxcom for 15 years.  They even sent her to Japan for a couple of weeks, but with a fourth grade rural Thai education she was not management material.  She often proudly shows me a plastic, battery operated pencil sharpener though.  She took it with her from her factory experience.  She now uses it to sharpen her mascara pencil.   Oh, how I love her.


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