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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Table Talk

[If we assign elements to a periodic
table why not do the same for words?]

Mortalityum: a silvery-metal word that
runs downhill yet stays together until it
hits the valley where it pools and displaces
darkness by mirroring the spectacular night sky
until those who care to question congregate
with bowed heads, say ah and amen – and 
block the light altogether.

Saucibum:  which looks good both coming
and going and sits elegantly between
Foldingchairium and the white sofa of
Crossleggedium.  In certain situations this
is a very active Imlookingatyou  catalyst and
fills in the middle part of the you ought
to know better vocabulary.

Todlerite: an unstable word with an unknown
life span that smells of talcum powder
and should be treated with care.  Caution: 
In its teen state this word can drive you crazy,
but later can produce more Todlerite which
quite unexpectedly looks familiar and engenders
great joy in women and makes grumpy old men
smile up their sleeves. 

FG           9/21/2015


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