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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Artist Is A Faithless Sort Of Fool

He is a fool because the moment 
his lines end like Jack’s alive his
name will die, too.  So what’ the good
in to trying to stick few lines in
the public’s craw as Frost mused
he could do while standing in his
freezing cow shed where everything
went plop?

He’s faithless, too, because that’s
how the world is. Whether dancing
and singing on stage or talking craft
with Bill Moyers the poet is not to be
trusted.   Like a public school teacher
who would do anything to get out of
her class – but stay in the education field -
dissimilitude runs in the poet’s veins. 
He’s the Gooney bird that can’t land without
wiping out like a kamikaze pilot whose heart
just isn’t in it, yet still pops up as if to say,
“Hey, I meant to do that!”

No, If the poet has an epiphany worth
recording at all it comes when the sky
first lightens  in the morning and little
creatures in the tall grass first begin
to stir outside.  Only then redemption
may tug on his soul for a second or two
 . . . or more.

FG           11/4/2015


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