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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thai Stork

The stork stands
in the fat finger of water from
the rice field that has poked 
its way all but unseen into
the tall grass by the side
of the house.

He looks suspicious,
like a thin old man with
a downcast face wearing
an oversized gray coat
standing alone outside 
a grammar school.

You wonder
what he might be up to
when he puts his head
between his legs and
obscenely filches for
something down below.

When upright
he knows he has been
seen and stands stalk still
looking at you with a
one-eyed dementia that
only the wild things know.

He takes to
the air with one flap
of his yard-wide wings
that make no sound.

He flies low
in and out of the trees
but not above them to
the flat emptiness of the
rice field where his oddness
dissolves as he lands to
just a dot on a field of green.

FG  June 5, 2012

All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.

I keep working on this.  My goal is to describe him in anthropomorphic terms and then turn him back to being a bird.


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