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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Glass Of Beer

I like a head on my beer
unlike  yuppies (Gawd, they
must be in their fifties by now)
or prissy Asians who think they
are doing the farang a favor by
carefully pouring down the side of
a tilted glass.  No, I like to see
a white head rise up at

I like a head on my beer.
I like to see the bubbles below  
the thick white head fall straight
up in the amber brew, too, like
snow on a quiet upside down,
windless night.
I like a head on my beer.

And if the head overshoots
the rim, I want a barkeep like
Jackie Gleason to swipe it off
with a tongue depressor
as light as pure powder
or . . . if It’s late at night and
conversation has gone south
to simply stick his sausage-sized
finger through the foam to stop
the inexorable rise and say:
You got that right, Pal.

I like a head on my beer.

FG  2/14/2015

While my friends in New England are contemplating yet another major snow storm, I am relegated to finding the meaning of life in yet another glass of ice-col beer.  Sigh.


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