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Thursday, August 11, 2016

What You Hear Is Not What You Get

Child stars rarely find their feet
as stars when they grow up. 
Stars who became stars in their twenties
have a 50 – 50 chance of playing on
to middle age, although sexy women,
it seems, much less so.

But rock stars of my youth are nothing
short of an embarrassment.  Not only
do drugs and hard living age them, but
like the Portrait of Dorian Gray, I look
back at their videos and shudder.  Would
I ever cut these long haired leaping gnomes
some slack because they’re musical geniuses?
No is the simple  answer.  

In old age you find out that what you hear
is not what you get.

FG     8/11/2016

I suppose it’s the clothes and hair and “the boys trying to look so tough” that I am repulsed by.  I still like the music, just don’t make me watch the video that runs with it.  And I recently heard Neil Young say you’re never too old to rock out.  Yes, you are Neil.  Yes, you are.  My bad?


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