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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dogs Can’t Edit

I had been without A/C for three days.
Finally, three guys showed up to clean
my unit.  They worked for forty-five minutes
or so, charged me ten bucks and left
before the first storm arrived.  I walked
out to my wife’s beauty shop, called the
American Salon for reasons unbeknownst
to me, before the first storm hit.  I have
seen torrential down powers in NH and
even in Saudi Arabia and they get your
attention wherever they happen, but
humans can put parentheses around these
storms: they will have a beginning and an
end. But dogs cannot edit sentences like this. 
I have only one old dog now.  He is an arch
watchdog, but if anyone in the family looks
at him cross-eyed he cowers and slinks off
someplace. He is frightened to death of
thunder storms. He was just outside the
sliding glass doors of my wife’s shop, shivering
with fear. Every time there was a thunder clap
he let out a little yip. I went out and tried
to console him but when I touched him
he jumped.  So I just stood beside him
looking out at the strings of water off
the corrugated roof. It was like looking
out through those clear plastic strips
over the refrigerated dairy case.  But
God knows what the world looks like
to a scared dog who can’t edit his life
sentence.  I feel the temperature dropping.
Fear is fear.

FG April 2015 

Added "I feel the temperature dropping." to coalesce the A/C, dairy case and zero-at-the-bone dog-style.
I have a hard time editing on Blogger.  All I can do is delete and replace.


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