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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sometime after sixty
in the spring,
a man looking out his
window to an empty
sidewalk that leads to
the rest of the world
realizes that home
is where you hang
your hat is finally
coming true.

Sometime after sixty
in the fall,
a woman cleaning wet
leaves from her bird
bath, although
God knows why in this
cold and damp, looks
up to an empty window
and realizes that she’s
gone and left her hat

All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.

Poetry thy nether (under) name is ambiguity.

We live in the shadow of a seemingly unambiguous world.  Math and science show us a world that is finite, but we know the whole realm of human experience is a daily battle with ambiguity. Life is vague, hazy and unpredictable.

Poetry is one of the places where ambiguity is still tolerated and even prized.

The two sentences of this poem are meant to be ambiguous for no other reason than ambiguity is where we live.