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Monday, May 12, 2014

Now Old

Now old, my body undresses
itself in front of strangers.
I’m not embarrassed, but
I confess dismay when a
waitress says, “Sir, your arm,”
or a cop says, “You can’t
leave that there.”  I look
back and see a hip and
ham leaning against
crosswalk sign.  Sorry
I say, won’t happen again,
but I know that’s not true.

At my desk, I raise and lower
my wrist the way King Kong
did the triceratops’s head he
just killed, just to make sure
it was dead.

My mind is fine, but I could
quickly unsnap this Tinker Toy
body and put the sticks back
in the tall oatmeal can they
came in . . . now that I am old.

FG 5 / 12/ 2014

I am now a resident of decrepitudia which is a small county on the border of oblivion.