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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Poetic Cosmology

Every night the double-dark universe
is encroaching on our own.  It hides in
those lovely shadows that loved one slip
into at the moment of death and is
the selfsame shadow that Thai girls back
away from me and into with a soft “Swadee Kha”’
Late at night the double dark slips through
open refrigerator doors at the moment
the inside light goes out.  If there are aliens,
they don’t live in the universe we can see,
but in the double-dark one that scientist
and theologians know nothing about.

FG  3/22/2015

Dark matter and dark energy account for a large part of the cosmos – and no one can describe either.  All that we take for being human and even reality itself may depend, not on our knowing, but our not knowing anything about the double-dark universe.  Maybe there was no Big Bang but one of a million moments when the double-dark universe ate a seeable one.  These moments I call the big “poof”.  Check your refrigerators . . . caefully.