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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The translucent, plastic bag,
as weightless as lingerie, lufts
in the gentle Thai breeze and
rises above my outside walk. 

For a moment it looks like a jelly
fish, buoyant and hung in mid air.

Its job of carrying something
needed back to us is done, and
now unexpectedly free, soars
a few pathetic feet, trying to
reach, I suppose, the clouds,
the stars and the great beyond.    

It crashes, and as I walk to pick
it up, another soft breeze catches
it and moves it away like jetsam
rolled back and forth by the master’s
tide on the ocean’s floor.  It dances
and skitters in the mincing little steps 
of a rock singer, arms up, head down
and . . . escapes my hand.   

FG  2/20/2014

I was thinking of James Brown, the hardest working man in show business.

It’s cool and overcast here today, and for the first time in months there is a slight chance of rain.  I’m not sure lufts is a word or that I’ve used it correctly, but it sounds right.