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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Amazing Thailand

On my morning walk I pass a bevy of pea hens
in front of a wat which in the low light of eight
in the morning would make people sliding into
colorless winter gasp for its roofs of golds, reds
and blues.  But these pea hens without their
peacock mill around on the cement pad in front
of the wat’s magnificent gate of silver bars without
a clue.  They are a strange looking pride with round
bodies the size of a three-year-old’s beach ball
and they are the color of the dusty,  gray bag of
my mother’s 1950s vacuum cleaner.  Their small 
white heads with even smaller red combs look 
to me like a hideously inflamed male member.  
“Good morning, ladies,” I say while they seem 
to lift their skirts and flee from me to another room 
where better offers may be found. 

FG           12/6/2015