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Location: Chong Khae, Nakhonsawan, Thailand

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

The juicy sky of white clouds rising
like nuclear bombast in a clam plate
orgy sky has become the flat, slate-gray
color of an etch-a-sketch screen.

This dull weather conjures up memories
that should be there but are missing.

It’s Sunday afternoon, I’m on my ten
speed cutting long, lazy eights down
the huge parking lot with a slight hill.
The empty white spaces could be
a cemetery for soldiers or spaces
set aside for small children; graves
where ego and ostentation have
no place.

Back and forth without effort these
infinity signs slowly pull me down.
There is a sense of grace here.
All I need to do is keep my balance.

FG           5/24/2015

The sky is in Thailand, the parking lot is in the small mall across from Goodyear in Nashua.  The winter here was unusually cold, the dry season (March, April and May) has been unusually hot.  The etch-a-sketch sky days have gone, but still no rain (well, to speak of).  The lull, loss and forlornness will give way soon, I hope.  I hope.