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Thursday, April 20, 2017


The Cinderella girl, the one the
older Thai sisters never include
in whatever they are doing, has
developed an obsession with
Mindcraft which she plays
on my computer deep into the
dark morning hours. My wife,
who readily agreed to raise this
cast off child, now seems like
the evil step mother determined
only to find a Price Charming for
the older girls.  She ignores us.

An old man I sleep early almost
as if I want to trade human years
for dog ones and speed up the
end of a film I no longer care
to watch.

In our dim bedroom lit only be
a bathroom light and the blocky
graphics on the monitor, I wake
to find she has risen from her
nightly wars to reach over my
sleeping body, retrieved the remote
from my hand and shut off the TV.
Against all odds we have become
family – we take care of each other.

FG     4/21/2017

Ten Indians is a Hemingway story I often think of when confronted by ruts in Thai culture – but that is probably unfair.  The girl's mother let my wife adopt the child as she was afraid her new husband (number four by my count) would not want a baby he had no part in producing. The Thais are no more noble or ignoble than we are, but they do walk different ground.
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