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Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Is There To Like About Pigeons

They land like a Berlioz mono-winger
on a bumpy field.  When they walk they
look like a fat bodied, beady-eyed Southern
warden who says, “What we got here is
a failure to communicate.”  And their nests
which I am always raking out of my
low-hanging eaves look like Christ’s
own wreath of thorns.

What is there to like about pigeons?
There just ugly birds, except this morning
I caught a look of myself passing in a mirror
and the balding old man with bad teeth and
a prodigious wart near a dimple scared
the be Jesus out of me.

FG           11/4/2015 

A year ago, I posted a poem called Home (9/28/2014) about the empty house the pigeons used for their abode being torn down.  Well, these birds haven't gone away - they're still here.  And they're trying to nest  and befoul the walks below my eaves.