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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worlds Away

Worlds away where time and place
are held in the heart the way one
might hold another’s hand, the rains
have come again and ranged my adopted
sky with mountains of cloud above
the full canal and lush rice field land. 

The clouds now
hold the western light in vertical cliffs
of biblical whites and gold . . . while beyond
the dome of sky, black clouds flash strobes
in party-dark rooms creating un-posed for
and unwanted pictures that see clear through
other guests standing bored against the wall.

“Dreadful storms are coming,” I think while
following the old Thai canal west in a country
worlds away where time and place are held
in the heart the same way one might hold
another’s hand.

FG 6/12/2013

All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.

We drove to the Lotus (Tesco – WalMart-like) store in Chai Nait yesterday around 4 pm following the ancient, die-straight Lop Buri canal.  The sky, going and coming, was so dramatic, it was hard to keep the car on the road.  The Chunkolator (Chunky) says we are in for a typhoon for the next few days. Thai is a tonal language.  Typhoon is a word they know.