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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Emperor’s Terra Cotta Army (discovered in 1974)

Unearthed from oblivion
they stand ready for his next
command be it stand down
and recede into a new oblivion
or battle the army that he knows
in his bones is waiting to attack 

But this mighty army has yet to fight.
They just stand as they have for over two
thousand years and serve without a word.
Chariots, archers, infantry, horses and
even acrobats await his pleasure like
a huge machine prepped but never run.

We ache with souls too full of words,
but before there was poetry this army
stood in formation and in their silence
became themselves a poem.  A poem
where today we can still fall-in and stand.

FG 4/28/2013

All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.