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Monday, November 16, 2015

Waiting For Life’s Movie

The orange color drains from the ice
in my screwdriver like the blood from
the eye at the start of a 007 film.
Through the thick glass bottom I watch
one of my neighbor’s dogs trot down
my dirt driveway.  He’s not supposed
to be here and if I show myself he
will hot-paw it through the hole
in the fence to his own compound.
But I don’t show myself, I just watch
until I think of him as a movie extra. 
He has no idea what’s going on, no part
to play.  He’s just been told to walk down
a driveway behaving like a dog, which he
does to perfection. The cameras rolls. 
I have no lines, either.  I just watch expecting
the movie to begin.  But it never does.

FG           11/17/2015