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Monday, October 14, 2013

From Here to There

In the small, dark hours, the dogs
here give up their territorial duties and
slip silently from the pages of their dog
novels to loosely meet like old men
under the street lights and talk while
wisps of fog bedeck the bushes where
fire flies flash on and off. Any number
of things could set them off, but for
the most part they are quiet because
for a few hours they know they own
a piece of road, a piece of man’s way
from here to there.

In the small, dark hours the LEDs on
our tablet, phones, TV, power strips,
clock, modem, mouse, and chargers,
glow in red, gold, blues, and greens
like low lights in the bushes full of
fire flies. Unable to sleep I dream they
hold my virtual way through the stars
that no dog knows of, it's how I now get
from here to there.

FG Oct. 13th 2013