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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Keys to Writer's Block

F-1 thru F-12:              The F-bombs.  Lined up like tombstones across the top to let you know that failure and frustration is a generation thing going back to, oh, the War of 1812 anyway.  Your mother told you to never use these keys.

Alt:                               Used to describe your son’s lifestyle.  You’ll never use it after you turn 60 or he turns 30 because by then it’s way too late.

Enter:                           Come in, welcome home or give it a rest.  The closest thing to a door latch and shaped like a bookend, like a bookend, like a bookend . . .

Space Bar:                   A concession to the telegraph.  Type fast and you can hear dit dit  dit, dah dah dah, dit dit, dit .  At the bottom and produces and empty space which underlies all human endeavor.

Num Lock                    I toggle it once, twice, a million times but nothing happens!  I still feel the same.

Shift ↑                           Two pinky finger keys one on each side.  Wouldn’t you think one would be for up and the other for down?  Wouldn’t you!

Tab ↔                         Put your hands behind your back and skate gracefully across the page to Lara’s Theme.  Do a whole paragraph, quickly, easily.  Now that’s real writing!

Page up
Page down                   Look!  Two separate keys unlike the Shift keys.  Doesn’t work until you’ve done at least one page, sigh.

Esc                               Hard to find, but the key I’ve been looking for.

 FG 10/5/2012  All right reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood