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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Sense Of Spin


I told the nurse as I was wheeled out of the hospital
that I felt I had aged five years since being there.
Gaining years is not as good a thing when you’re in
your seventies as it was when you were too young
to do much of anything but wait til you were older.


But here we stand on a planet that’s spinning and
travelling through space around a star that’s
moving itself in  an orbit within a galaxy that’s
moving too - away from some and toward other
galaxies – everything is escaping but from what?


My generation lived through 78 rpm records,
45 rpms and finally high-fidelity, long playing
records that spun at only 33 1/3rd rpm.  For all
of these the tone arm always worked itself back
inward to the center, distancing itself from any
possibility sense of escape.


My young Thai nurse speaks no English and
belongs to the MP3 generation, the solid
state no spin generation.  She locks the wheels
and flips up the foot pads of my wheelchair. 
I’m free to leave but I am still sick.  I need help
just to stand.


Beanie was once my name but my past lives
in a virtual cloud now that is no more real to me
than angels playing harps. The old and infirm
sense motions and spins the young have yet
to learn. At the bottom of the hospital steps,
I let go of a railing for the open passenger
side door.  For a moment, I am freestanding
and free.

FG           4/30/2016