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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have some stork-like birds
here that look like the Concorde
with beak down in flight as if
they were on final to a far off
rice field landing strip of land.
We have some passerines who
rent a hole in our water damaged
eaves for a month or so and
some crested black birds that
look like tasseled shriners just
back from or going to a party.

And, or course, we have the
ubiquitous pigeons with their
small round eyes.  They are so
ungainly in the air that when they
land on the roof above me, I feel
as if I am at the end of a runway
ducking as a jumbo jet tries to land.
There’s no soaring sense of
flight with pigeons which may
be why they were picked as
the symbol of peace.  They flare
out just before landing, standing
almost upright in air with wings out
like Christ the Redeemer. Their tail
feathers curl up like lobster ends
and they lower two massive legs
painted rescue orange that are as
as un-bird like as two hydraulic rams.

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