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Friday, February 6, 2015

The Badass Celestial Railroad

We are not going forward
we are going back.  Simply put
we have been misled by our
senses and by our quirky
intelligence and by all those
old dears who say “Don’t
worry sweetie.” And by the Doppler
shift, the Higgs boson, and by celestial
inflation after the Big Bang. 
But if Death is a goal it is neither
a new beginning nor an appropriate
end.  The goal we are headed
for ain’t ahead it’s long ago
and way behind to when we were
so small we had no choice but
to trust one another. Look out
your window at all those media
hos out there  like Neil deGrasse
Tyson who say the Bible is for people
who can’t think for themselves. 
Nonsense, Neil.  Why?  ‘Cause , I am
the one ridin’ Bro, not you.

FG   2/6/2015

I’ve read that driving a train backwards across the Atlantic Ocean means something in dreams.  May be.  Obviously, Neil deGrasse Tyson has me fretting; especially about his 8 books everyone should read.   First, I doubt he ever read The Wealth of Nations, one of the books, because no one has – it’s that tedious.  Secondly, he says that Gulliver’s Travels teaches that the world is full of yahoos.  Full of media hos like the Kardashians and Robert Rousch and a host of others is probably closer to the truth.

Dickens and Emily Bronte were writing in the same century – but they didn’t belong in the same universe.  Tyson’s fallacy with the Bible, and I know he was just making an after dinner speech, was to equate belief to scientific thinking.  Good luck with that.

My last poem about the candle flame cools in its was/across the trestle end the tracks was not a success.  I shouldn’t have messed with the original.  I think poets are like someone learning to fox trot by following foot drawings on the floor.  It’s not a walk in a straight line type of thing.  Sooner or later I’ll get it right and be on dancing with the poets – or not.