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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chai mon kon Wat

Inside, the steep red roof with
silver bird heads dripping skyward
at the apex and edges barely
breaks the cloud top of green trees.
The narrow white, wat walls are
trimmed with no doubt blues,
reds and embroidered with gold
that shines back as bright
as the morning sun itself.

Outside, a peacock with a tiny top-knot
on its head and a round button eye
struts past a large silver-barred gate
trailing its long fan in the dirt road.
It moves with the sexual reluctance
of an exotic Vegas show girl or a
hideous drag queen enticing us in
every step with something longed for
and unknown.

FG October 18, 2012

All right reserved by the author, Forrest Greenwood.

I walk by this wat everyday, and yes, I do see a peacock once in a while.  Chunky isn’t sure where the wat’s name comes from.  I break its name up for the sake of transliteration.