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Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Music Memories

Nat King Cole – Chestnuts Roasting -1960
(Spring Street)

The vinyl LP spins and the plastic tone
arm bobs as it tracks in toward the silver
ball point-pen like spindle.

The front door opens.  A draft of freezing
air floods onto the wall-to-wall carpet, fluttering
tinsel and tossing limbs of our tree.

The Magnavox consol, in which the LP silently spins,
continues playing.  

Bing Crosby - White Christmas – 1959
(Spring Street)

The 78 rpm, black, dinner-plate size record
churns in a Webcor suitcase-big portable machine.

It sits next to a Stromberg Carlson black and white
TV on a carpenter built counter against our western

The record comes from an album with pages
of center of holed sleeves so you can read the labels. 

The adults are happy out in the warm kitchen and
want to hear this song. It belongs to them. 

I look out through a storm window at our bitter-cold,
snowless backyard. 

It will be decades before this song starts to belong
to me.

FG  December 21, 2913

I was listening to these songs and these are my memories context.