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Location: Chong Khae, Nakhonsawan, Thailand

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Waiting At A Crossing

Today I had to wait for a train of 55
or so oil cars while picking up the girls
at school.  I waited on my scooter
at the side of the road in the shade.
There’s one track here in Chong Khae
and the oil train has to be shunted
off on a siding while waiting for another
train to pass through.  It seemed
a laborious process today and I began
thinking quite naturally about poetry.

Sometimes I think poetry is the true
engine pulling our consciousness through
the wild night sky.  But as the minutes
ran on – sometimes the train is too
long for the siding and the train has to
edge forward one car at a time to clear
the crossing – I began to think poetry
as a slack employee, probably half buzzed
on Thai whiskey slobbering in the caboose
and dreaming of God knows what,
– maybe home.

FG           11/4/2015