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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What Is It A Poem Should Do?

When I was six I pretty much
sussed out that there was no
Santa Claus, but no doubt
I had some help from an older
sister who was then as she is now
something of a killjoy.

When I was eight I found
out on a cold spring night
that there was no bone in
boner from a kid two years
older than me as we stood
under an incandescent street
light in a misty New England
town while swollen rivers of air
swept across the dark sky.

If this is more information than
you need to know I can only
say that the information wasn’t
as important as where it came
from. Never again in my long
life on this bell curve has a couple
of years difference in age further
on seemed so mysterious to me.

And if you still think this is more
information than you need to know,
look in the mirror after your morning
shower, wipe away the fog until
your face appears edged in cloud
like the portrait of Washington
and tell me what it is you think
you really need to know.

FG 29 February 29, 2012

All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.

I happened to stubmble upon this TED talk by Pamela Meyer on spotting a liar.  It seems to be what this poem is about - afterall George Washington is best known for . . . right, wooden false teeth.