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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Great General DeGaulle

The great General DeGaulle died
while playing patience.  The man,
I’ve read, was not only a legend in
fact but one in his own mind, too.
During the war he often seemed
to fight the Allies as much as he
did the Germans.

Patience, of course, is another name
for solitaire which I am playing now
on my computer while listening
to Joe Cocker, Carly Simon and
others.  Music, not from my high
school years, but from my second
marriage which to date is my longest.

The word “patience” must have
suited the great general well with
all its wonderful synonyms: endurance,
forbearance, persistence and
even serenity.  He surveyed his
hand with Louie XIV disdain until
a greater one whispered in his
prodigious ear “rise,” and he was
no more.

It’s four in the morning and
I am using headphones so as
not to wake others – a courtesy
the Thais rarely extend to me. 
I’m be bopping along playing five
virtual games to the general’s real
one but  I know numbers don’t count. 
No matter how many losses you
suffer, winning, as the great general
knew full well, is everything . . .
even at solitaire.

FG 10/31/2014

Poetry is sometimes about slamming things together that don’t really hold hands in the real world.   The poem then becomes almost a landscape of dreams.  I play solitaire a lot and listen to the same songs a lot.  In either case I am not thinking but trying to summon something from the nothingness.  Boredom is also good for this.

F.Y.I.  Children do not trick-or-treat in Thailand.