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Monday, August 22, 2016

The Efficacy of Prayer

Prayers when spoken by the young
at the table or before bed
are like birdsong that God will hear
first before some meaningless tongue,
first before anything else is said,
first before the loudest cheer,
To God no words are just so clear.

FG       8/22/2016

Well, a friend of mine lives in Japan with a Japanese wife and two kids.  He has helped me a lot during my hospital stays.  He told me he has his children keep me in their prayers, “God Bless Papa’s friend Forrest and make him well,” so I wanted to write a poem of thanks.  I consider the poem to be failure as I was trying to keep it aimed at young readers.  Meh.  Rhyme and metric are not my strong points - if I have any strong points at all.