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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Poetry for Smarties

In talking via SKYPE a classmate at our 50th reunion asked me to explain a poem.  I think that is the wrong question.

Reasons for poetry: 

Balance.  Poetry helps us negotiate a dark room that we are familiar with.  We touch a table or chair and we know where we stand and can balance without seeing.

How To books on teaching often begin a chapter by saying “to an engaged mind,” but they never explain how to “engage” the mind of the student.  They must think we are smarties and should know that.  Because poetry promises something different, it demands curiosity and this, at least, starts to engage the mind.          

A poem should not mean but be (earlier poet).  Antidote on A Jar (earlier poet) It should be a thing of beauty by itself, although the reference point for beauty is itself mutable.