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Monday, June 27, 2016

We’ve Had Some Rain

We’ve had hard rains that batter the house
and rattle the spooky Asian souls within.

We’ve had soft rains that do no more than
make the air a fish tank in which we float
wordlessly amazed we can breathe at all,
but soon go  in.

We’ve had some New Hampshire rains that come
for an unwanted visit and stay the whole day.

This is the rainy season here in Thailand,
a primordial season of love and need, of clouds
piled up with lust, of vortex-wind that rumples
wild hair and turns yourself around.  If we come
through it at all, we come through soaked and
with a quiet sense of what to be human means.

Yes, we’ve had some rain.

FG           6/27/2016

Just as Saudi Arabia (where I lived for more than a decade) had two seasons:  hot and not so hot, Thailand has three seasons: hot, cool and rainy.   The drought here is officially over, I guess, but I’ve not heard how full the major dams are.  Nor have I heard anything lately about the two jet liners that are lost.  With holes in the news this big maybe poetry will make a comeback.  Not.