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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Faux Baby Snaps

When the kids were small
my wife bought a frame with
cut-outs for baby pictures.
She put the frame over the
changing table and for
the life of me I couldn’t tell
which kid was which.  I
knew she’d call me out on
this sooner or later so every
time I changed a diaper I’d
try to guess, Leanna?  Peter? 
Andy?  It was useless.

Then one afternoon, I came
home and she was removing
the sheet of baby pictures that
came with the frame and putting
in ours.  I must have gasped because
her eyes narrowed and she watched
me go into the kitchen.

Today, I saw a picture of my
son Peter as a grown man   The last
time I saw him he was getting into
a taxi on Soi eleven in Bangkok.  I
remember whispering then as he
left, “ I miss you already.”

That was years ago and today
I looked and looked at his picture
as I did those faux baby snaps.
I still miss him more than
words or poetry can say, but
I keep asking myself can this
be my son, can this be Peter?

FG  3/2/2014

A Soi is an alley off Sukhumit road. They are really roads, but started off as alleyways.