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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thai Rains, Thai Floods

All day the rain
beyond my balcony
has been indecisive.
At times, it seems about
to make a sentence then
breaks down to a broken
phrase without antecedent
or agreement.

My wife calls.
There has been a flood at
the hospital and she has seen
a hospital bed float by her
shop with an old woman
still in it hooked up to an IV.
Is it raining there, she asks.

I look beyond my balcony
and see those buffering circles,
the fancy ones than spin until
you seem to be looking down
a well or empty horn of plenty.
I’m not sure, I say, was
the woman OK?

Honey, my wife says, in that
low tone little Thai women reserve
for drop-dead stupid farangs,
healthy people don’t go to hospitals,
do they?

She asks what I want for supper, but
all in all, like the rains, it’s
an indecisive call.

Fg 9/28/2011
All rights reserved by the author Forrest Greenwood.